Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something to be thankful for...

This is just pure genius. Available at Urban Outfitters, I think this is the perfect "plan b" to all your holiday/family woes. Salud!

Whoooo! Whooo!

Owls are popping up everywhere. Art, tshirts, cocktail rings, name it. I am told owls, besides being wise, are a sign of good luck. I have recently become obsessed with these little critters.

Givin' Summer the BOOT

All good things come to an end and in Chicago...Summer never really started so this girl's moving on! A fellow boot lover friend of mine recently purchased this same pair unbeknownst to me. I called her today to discuss and not only has her boot collection trumped mine 5x's over but she, too has this boot in taupe and black. That's when I knew I had made the right decision. Happy Fall!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Like a fine wine...they only get better.

I have to dedicate a blog to my two favorite people: my parents. Celebrating their 42nd Anniversary on Wednesday, 8/26 - I feel lucky and thankful to have them as role models. Cheers Mom & Dad!

Take time to smell the peonies.

Contrary to popular belief...I am not a roses kinda girl. (I mean, I will gladly accept if given...) I think peonies are the cat's meow. Extremely fragrant, little works of art, look amazing bunched tightly together in the perfect, little antique vase...just lovely.

Goonies never say die!

Among my Top 10 in movies - it was on last night and it hit me like a ton of bricks! This is a cult classic and one of my "favorites." I remember going to see this movie in the theaters with my dad. Goonies never say die!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ready, Set...Read!

I always feel such an accomplishment when I finish a book...big or small. Just finished this one and although some might classify it as "chick lit," I really enjoyed it. It's about 3 women in their 30's and their quest to find happiness with or without men. V. funny. Check it out if you need a break from politics. Next on my list: The Time Traveler's Wife.

Saint Sofa - the holiest of places.

Hanging in on a random Saturday night is highly under-rated. This is what my sofa looks like. I love it for a couple of reasons:
a. it's plush and you can sink right into it
b. it's modern
c. it's the color chocolate and who doesn't love chocolate?
d. it welcomes me every night including tonight!
e. I paid for it all by myself

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet home Chicago

Today is one of the most beautiful this summer. After some very weird weather, I couldn't help but think...this is an awesome city. Where else can you see a 3-day music fest outdoors, catch an air and water show, take a boat out, see an amazing skyline, drive along Lake Shore Drive with the windows down, go to a different festival every weekend, shop until your feet fall off, eat a big, fat steak or just sit in a beer garden? You're probably thinking...a lot of cities Johanna?! Maybe, but I still think Chicago is one of the neatest!

So vanilla.

I have a friend who claims to be an expert on cupcakes. She definitely has street cred however the spectrum of her expertise is not complete until she has had Billy's Bakery cupcakes in NYC. Perfect cake, just the right amount of sugary frosting AND sometimes they have guest designers come in and design a cupcake of the month. Last time I went, it was Tracy Reese. Mmmmm.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Chan"neling my goth side.

I am into home decorating. I like how this girlie chandelier is mixed with a touch of drama. I always say that I want to avoid drama but in this case...bring it!

Are you ready to jump?

There is something sexy about a jumpsuit. It's kind of like a in the front, party in the back. I am so glad jumpsuits are still in; quite possibly one of the most comfortable ensembles outside of the dress. Jump on ladies, jump on.


Where else can you buy a hose, a bathing suit, a stack of bangles and new glassware? Not only genius advertising but a mecca of fun behind those red doors.

Kitschy Kollection

J'aime jete'!!!

Balletomane: A ballet fan or enthusiast. The word was invented in Russia in the early nineteenth century.

I ♥ ballet so very much. The backdrops, the stories, the tutus, the toe shoes, the blisters, the buns, the classes...

Accessorize your cocktail hand

A girl can never have too many of these. The essential cocktail ring. Great with a tank top and denim. A conversation piece with the LBD. Buy them by the dozen! (see Forever 21 for an abundance of inexpensive choices or hit up your local antique market) And...ALWAYS accessorize your cocktail hand.

Tickle my funny bone...

"Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants." Kevin James (favorite comedian/actor)

Who gives a damask?

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for patterns. My mother once looked in my closet and asked me if I had anything that was a solid color. One day when I own a home I plan to wallpaper my entire office in damask. The epitome of sophistication; not at all distracting.

Shake it. Shake it like a polaroid...?

One to watch. Local. Eye for detail. One of my besties.
(she took my profile picture)

Forever 31.

Yeh, I am 31 and I shop at Forever 21. That's right. Cheap and chic, baby...that's what we're about over here. How else I am supposed to knock off those L.A.M.B. tanks or those Marc Jacobs dresses?

That's a lot of dough, yo.

My family gave me this nickname so when I saw this tshirt, it seemed worthy of the blog. Pierogies are quite possibly the best Polish food you can eat. I like to have pierogi eating contests with my brother's girlfriend, also a fan. Johanna wins.

Love ya babe!

Surprisingly a guilty pleasure. Love her. Love the show. Love the family. Love the Guncles. "Nuff said.

Scent of a woman

My favorite perfume in all the land. It's spicy and velvety at the same time. I like to leave a scent trail wherever I go...the good kind of scent trail if you know what I mean.

A bird of a different feather...

Perhaps I still like to channel my inner hippie; but there is something very glam about headbands in general. Feather headbands have that eclectic combination of French cool mixed with Woodstock. I dig...I dig.

So flute. So fab.

I heard this song about 6 years ago. I was immediately hooked. I would like this to be my theme song. Plus I think that little stick figure has some moves...

A "latte" to love!

Don't care where it's's my favorite caffeinated beverage. If you want the keys to my heart, buy me a latte. Sometimes I will have more than one in a day. I like to walk on the wild side...

Heaven's nectar.

Freixenet is the most delicious champagne you can buy for $10. Trust me. My very good friend would correct me and say it's a "cava" not a "champagne." You say cava...I say champagne; let's call the whole thing off. Perfect for Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's....

My everything.

I ♥ my Blackberry. She wakes me up. She helps me make business decisions. She helps me stay in touch with my friends and family. She does everything but vacuum. I am sure that's the next edition.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adoration for Adele

Cold it. While you're at it - download the whole dang album. She's what Amy Winehouse could have been but with a whole lot more heart and soul.

Medieval Mascara?

Revolutionary? Maybe. Painful...yowsers. As much as I am intrigued; it scares me. I introduce Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension.

Skull-lastic consumer I am.

Are skulls out? I don't know about you but I am unwilling to let go of this trend. There's something inherently biker chic about being a chick with skull accents. I think people look at me and think..."she's tough, I don't want to mess with her."

Divine inspiration indeed...

A true fashionista's home base.

Quirky Audrey

I can't help parents think I am an old soul because I love her. How can you not? I am watching Funny Face. I want to borrow her wardrobe from every movie.


Many disagree but I think he is one of the greats. Totally ahead of his time, often bizarre and completely intriguing. He would be on my "Top 10 celebrities I would like to interview". Perhaps another blog?

Chocolate technology!

Where can I buy this? A chocolate keyboard...sign me up!

PS stands for Palm Springs!

A. I am a minority; everyone is retired and OLD
B. It's hot...always
C. Palm trees
D. Old Hollywood glamour

I covet...

Call me shallow, superficial, trite....I accept. If you can honestly look at this pair of shoes - work of art - and tell me you don't love them, too...I am not sure we can be friends.

Pretty...pretty cool

Some gratuitous plugging...this is my company and is on my top 101 things as well. Hopefully you are seeing a pattern. All the hipsters know about it. Do you?

I "heart" NYC

The most important week in NYC and the best time to visit the Big Apple. Fortunate for me, I will be there. Two things that rank high on my list of things I adore...this city and fashion week.

She's my best friend.

Lucy. Part Beagle, Part Bulldog. 100% awesome.

Someone who gets it - Nina Garcia

Buy it - it's fab!

The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own

My Time Capsule

I decided, albeit cliche, to jump on the blog band wagon and create one for myself. That's not to say that I think everyone cares what I think or am passionate's more so a modern day diary. A continuous stream of my thoughts, things I adore, topics I am intrigued by...ya know, 101 Things I Love.

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