Tuesday, February 16, 2010

International affair

photo courtesy desiarabi on Etsy
So I am playing around with the idea of traveling to London then Morocco for a couple of weeks at the end of the summer. Can you imagine the colorful pics from that trip? I have some opposing forces telling me not to but...well, gosh...how much longer will I be able to do this kinda stuff?

What is the most exotic place you traveled and why did you love it?


  1. Morocco is amazing. Just a short trip (two hours) from Orly airport in Paris. Big fancy hotel in Marrakesh called La Moumounia - celebrities go there when filming. I can give you suggestions for quainter and cooler places to stay in that city and things to do...

  2. Hi, I like your blog!!! I love Chicago too! We live in the burbs!
    Morocco is nice, I took a ferry there from Spain....I can't say that I have a favorite exotic place. I do luv to travel when bucks permit! I think we might be traveling to India next year? Who knows! Right now I could use some Carribean!!!!!!!
    BTW, is that a puggle that you have? We have a pug named Minnie! CHEERS! Michele

  3. Hi Pug1! Thanks for the note. I might channel you for some Moroccan tips if the plans become concrete. India is on my list, too...particularly Goa.

    Lucy, my pup, is a mix. She is part beagle and part English bulldog. Quite a combo, eh'?
    Cheers to you and thanks for the follow :)


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