Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At home with the Golden Globes...

Admittedly I've grown tired of award season but this year, perhaps it's the nominees, I was kinda anxious to watch the Golden Globes. Despite all the harsh reviews online ranging from dresses to the host...I enjoyed this year's GG's. I can't get enough Ricky Gervais and the red carpet gave me and the husb a lot to talk about. Surprisingly he was very vocal. Here's how our night went down...

Perhaps the secret to getting your man to watch the GG's starts with dinner.
And you know what they say..."the way to a man's heart starts is through his stomach!"
I made a Tuscan White Bean Soup with DIY bruschetta.
Recipe here and bonus: you'll have leftovers for the rest of the week.

The Red Carpet commenced with bubbly for two.
His: Frexinet {Extra Dry}
Hers: Sparkling Pear Cider {Extra Sober}

Just add: lotsa blankets and an iPad for stalking the Twitter feeds.


  1. That recipe looks delish, totally making that this weekend!

  2. That soup sounds great. Must make it!

  3. Aw, so the key is to eat before devouring a bottle of wine. I always forget that part. I so love awards season!

  4. What a wonderful way to talk your sweetheart into all sorts of activities he's not particularly interested in! Genius!

  5. OMG the twitter feeds were fabulous!! It's my new favorite thing. GG & Miss America in one weekend, definitley plugging in the laptop next time. This smart phone business is giving me carpal tunnel...

  6. Love the thought of white bean soup and the Golden Globes ~ love that you shared the recipe! :)

  7. champagne is awesome! :) have a great day! xox


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