Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Two outfits we all have lurking in our closets. The breton striped tee with the classic skinny jean or leopard print skirt. {if you don't have now have an excuse to run out and buy them!} They are eternally chic and there are so many ways to pair them. Above are two of my favorite looks. My New Year's resolution is start mixing patterns more often and to start getting creative with what I have. Sometimes being creative isn't that hard!


  1. I love breton striped shirts! So easy, but you always look put together. I love the top outfit best. She looks so stylish and happy.

  2. Jenny said it ~ the striped shirt is such an easy thing to pull on and has this effortless chic look no matter what ~ just brilliant

  3. Consider me on board for anything that requires that I buy a leopard skirt! I have the shirt already!

  4. Terrific looks! I have so many Breton striped tees in my closet that I'm almost embarrassed, but they always look so chic!


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