Thursday, February 10, 2011

Class is in session

I talked to my mom the other day after showing her these pics and she remarked how cute my cookies looked with the stencils I used. Whaaa? Stencils, schmencils?! I started my cake decorating class and that is free hand, yo! If I am going to do's gonna be fur realz. So...Day 1 of my 4 week class. We learned how to make true, buttercream frosting, cake from scratch and stars with our icing bags. Amazing how a cookie can make you feel accomplished. Story of my life.


  1. I love the smiley face and the snowflake. So do they taste good too? :)

  2. These are so cute! I'm jealous! What a cool class to take. You have learned a new talent and nothing learned, no matter how small or how big is insignificant. If it brings happiness to your day that is what matters!:)

    You look fantastic! Only a little while longer! Do know what the sex of the baby will be yet? So exciting, good luck!:)


    Molly Jane

    Ps. Stop by and say hello, I'm having a wonderful Give Away very soon!

  3. Haha. These look awesome, my fave is the swirl.

  4. Mel, they taste delish. I eat several....oops.

  5. How fun! I would love to take a cake decorating class!

  6. How exciting-I've always wanted to take a cake decorating class! You'll have to share some of your new secrets!


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