Friday, February 25, 2011

Litany of Love

  1. This would be an adorable pencil case or makeup pouch.
  2. I'm really starting to like this bright punch of color for a kid's room.
  3. Anyone getting married?
  4. This song will now hold a special place in my heart.
  5. I think I've finally decided on this side table next to a beat up, leather club chair. Thoughts?
  6. I'm a little envious of the beauty and talent she possesses. At the same time...I saw bravo, you're gonna be big.
  7. Dog lover? Then check this out and prepare to want another pup!
  8. I've really got a thing for rainbows lately and this post is full of goodness.
  9. Having just ordered some wide leg jeans...I want to take a page out of her book and style them this way.
  10. Golly...why does Spring bring so many cute, inexpensive shoes? I adore these!
  11. An interview with Alexa.
  12. A sucker for onesies displaying food...I've decided this needs to be added to the repertoire.


  1. I haven't visited your site lately, I love the new blog header, so cute!

  2. The onsies are adorable. I am lusting after the fantasy pleat gown (can I get married again?)!

  3. Thanks so much for the link! I got some wide legged jeans from Urban a couple months ago and I have been having so much fun styling them! I just try not to wear them to dinner because they sit right on my tummy! Hahah!! Hope you're having a good weekend :)


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