Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest blogger: Danielle of Breakfast at Toast

Hi! Danielle of Breakfast at Toast here with a color POP post for you. For those of you who do not read my blog {which is probably all of you} I have been doing a color pop feature for the past few months.  In honor of sweet baby Olivia's arrival, color pop is going all baby! I have done the complete opposite on my blog with some sweet, soft & serene nursery inspiration.

2. Blabla mobile - $130
3. Avio stroller - $499
4. Lime Pouf -$395
5. Bouncer - $110
6. Blabla doll - $46

What's your favorite item on this list?

A big thank you to Johanna for asking me to guest post!

Congratulations on baby Olivia's arrival! Welcome to the world, Olivia!


  1. great picks danielle! i love the little alligator man :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. ahh so cute! love this stroller! i just found out my gf is pregnant and i'm def going to suggest this to her!

    congrats again, johanna!!


  3. So many cute things - I love that pink stroller!! And that bouncer is pretty amazing. Thank God they make those - babies freak out without them :)

  4. Thanks for asking me to guest post! This was fun :) You have me obsessed with quite a few baby items now! Planning the nursery must be so fun!

    Let me know if you end up getting that frog chair! I think it's so cute. O would love it!

  5. that crocodile wall organizer made me smile - adorable picks!

  6. I don't have kids but the bouncer is unbelievable looking. xo Mish

  7. What great pops of color-perfect for new babies and new mamas! And such a terrific introduction to Danielle's blog!

  8. so cute - i almost want that alligator wall organizer :)


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