Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The girl from Ipanema...

Pretty sure I found her. See!
I was browsing through pictures from this year's Brazil trip. {see above and here} And on a gloomy day like today, a good book by the ocean sounds just about right. Ahhh vacation mode. Which has me thinking...

What's your next vacation?

I think ours will most likely be a Mexico or California trip but who knows!
I've had my eye on Turkey and London for quite some time now.


  1. Today is a sad looking day. Sun and the beach sound great right now. We booked Punta Cana for the very end of October. I need a vacay badly.

  2. Man, I hope work got to enjoy seeing me the first half of the year, because I'm about to be outta here: Visiting Chicago for the first (non-work) time next month (!), Miami for a few days in September (!!), Barbados in November (!!!), and Australia in December - January (!!!!).

    I'm getting a little excited.

  3. I know we went on vacation not long ago, but I'm ready for another-STAT! I'm taking Friday off, so I think a little visit to the Pacific Ocean (which is only like, 6 blocks from the house...) is in order!

  4. Wow, what a nice place.. I wish I can visit this place one of this days.. I love to go to vacation, but I haven't time as of now.. :)

  5. I loved Turkey. And if you're in the Northern Part of California, we'll definitely have to grab coffee! My next vacation is Costa Rica over Christmas. It seems so far off though.....

  6. Turkey is an AMAZING country. So far I have only been to Istanbul (twice), but fell madly in love with the people and culture. hopefully next year I can explore more, I am dying to see Cappadocia!


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