Monday, July 18, 2011

Mommy Morsels

I'm starting a new series on the blog and it centers around my new title: Mom. While I don't proclaim to know it all - I can share with you the tips, tools and life savers that have made my life easier these past couple months. And...I'd love to hear from you, too! Anything that hushes a crying child is worth sharing!

Today's Mommy Morsel is one I've grown quite attached to. A company by the name of Aden + Anais has created the most amazing muslin swaddles for babies. Infants become instantly less fussy and Olivia uses the swaddle daily from keeping her warm on a cool day to shielding her precious skin from the sun. Great for nap time, too!

While they aren't inexpensive, they are worth every penny! I'm already saving to buy another so that I don't have to wash hers everyday! Olivia has the caterpillar one pictured below.

mod about baby swaddle

super stars swaddle

Trust me, this is a great gift. Your girlfriends might not get it upon unwrapping the gift but they will undoubtedly thank you later! xo


  1. Hello baby, looking all cool in sunglasses. I may have said this before, but she gets cuter by the minute. Er, blog post?

  2. These swaddles are totally cute and I get how they're so helpful, I do!

  3. SO cute! and a wonderful blog! i'd love for you to check mine out and give a few of your opinions on it! :)

    follow me?

  4. I don't have a child so have essentially no clue in this area, however I DID purchase a set of these for a friend of mine who had a baby about a year ago...within days she called to thank me profusely saying her son would only stop crying when he was sandwiched in one of these.

    Auntie Carrie to the rescue!! (thanks lady at the baby store who told me to get them..haha!)

    box o chard at the traffic light? um yes--we may be long lost... :)

  5. ps-Olivia's the SASS in the those glasses!!

  6. I agree with Carrie-Olivia is giving serious face! I'm going to be so, so glad you're doing these posts a decade from now...promise never to delete them/the blog!

  7. Super cute


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