Saturday, July 16, 2011

A penny for your thoughts?

I have a question for you dear readers. Over the last few months I've been debating on hiring someone for a blog design project. You know...spruce up the home page...add some professional pizazz...clear out the clutter...and most importantly, find a design that suits the content and my personality. I've been admiring quite a few from my little spot on the couch at night and it's got a girl thinking...

  • Have you had your blog professionally designed?
  • Was it worth your hard earned pennies?
  • Would you recommend it & who would you recommend that is reasonably priced?
  • Does it matter if the designer is local or not?
Pro/Cons...I want to hear 'em.


  1. I've never had my blog professionally designed...but the thought has crossed my mind a few times, especially when I come across some stunning design artists who do amazing work :)

  2. I had mine done by Alaina from Live Creating Yourself, she did a great job and was very reasonably priced! I say go for it, it was a small investment on my part and it made my blog look a little more professional.

  3. My blog is in need for an upgrade as well and it's on my list of things to do this year. So I'll be interested to learn what you find out!


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