Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mean streets

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Yeah, so about getting back in's time. I've got some baby lbs to lose and I feel like I'm ready to work out regularly again. I went for my first run on Sunday and I had moderate success. A whopping 40 minutes. {pats self on back} And now I need to commit. As in 3x's a week. I figure that's an obtainable goal.

Enough about me. I have a question for you fitness freaks gurus: What's on your playlist?
I  need to update my iPod pronto. Muchas gracias.


  1. I just updated mine. A new playlist can make all the difference for your motivation. Good luck!

    And um, what's wrong with 40 minutes? ;) Here are a few I just added to the workout mix.

    Houdini - Foster the People
    I Wanna Go - Britney (yeah, I admit it!)
    Mercy - Matt Nathanson
    Fader - The Temper Trap
    Howl - Florence + The Machine

    I hope you get more comments with suggestions. I need some too!

  2. I'm a big fan of running to Girl Talk.. It just the perfect tempo for my moderate 10 minute mile pace. I'm also all about running to old favorites, Billy Joel.. etc.

  3. Guh-I just got back into my yoga routine, but for anything high energy, I love a little Outkast!

  4. Hi,

    I hope you could attain your goal.. I always love Gaga songs..:)

    More hugs,
    Archiex@ Supermodel

  5. I love some good electronic to get the running juices flowing. Below are some of my current favs.
    world hold on -bob sinclair
    dancing on my own- robyn
    ghost n stuff- deadmau5
    party rock anthem- LMFAO

    some are super cheesy but I love a good back beat to set up a tempo for my running! enjoy and good luck! keep us updated...

    xoxo navy & orange

  6. my playlist consists of jillian michaels screaming at me. i'm pretty sure you don't want that one.

    for pilates i keep it quiet and focus on the breathing. it's a mind-body connection like no other!


  7. Thanks for all the great feedback ladies! I'm going to be on a downloading bonanza this weekend!

  8. Hello by Martin Solveig is one of my favorite songs to run to lately!

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  10. I listen to a lot of old school 80s and Kanye. Yep...


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