Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lash Genius

I'm not much into gimmicks. Especially where cosmetics are concerned. Usually this leads to some sort of pink eye or rash. Who's with me?

I do love Anastasia Beverly Hills, however. See here. They're good to me and so are their products so while this post is sponsored it's also the truth. Onward...they sent me a new product, Lash Genius, and even though I was skeptical - I know this product will come in handy. Like when I go into labor with Dos and want to look infinitely prettier than I did with Olivia. True story. Why you ask? Let me tell you...

Lash Genius is a waterproof topcoat for your lashes which means you get to apply your favorite mascara per usual. After it is completely dry - you would apply this as a secondary coat. In a nutshell, it makes every mascara waterproof if you desire such things. I like to think this would be the perfect product for brides, cry babies, soap opera actresses and pregnant women in labor. Like me. Don't tell me Beyonce didn't have full make up on when lil' Ivy Blue arrived...sure she did! Which is why you need this because it's only $21.

photos courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills
Did I mention that it also creates more volume and dries quickly? It does - think dramatic, long lashes that look real. The opposite of Kim Kardashian's, really. And they are soft to the touch!

Have I sold you enough? Give it a shot. I've been wearing it for four days now and it washes off super easy. Follow them on Twitter, too! #LashGenius

P.S. You don't have to be in labor to see the benefits of this product. xo


  1. I'm totally sold. xoxo

  2. Gonna have to give this a whirl. I love their other products too! You will be rocking the lashes in labor and delivery! ;) LOVE IT!

    Because Shanna Said So

  3. Olivia's got a sibling on the way?! Congrats!! I've been in the woods at work and almost missed it all. Okay not quite, but still!

    I want you to take pics of yourself en route to hospital with this lash stuff on. One of my friends totally insisted on a 'dewy' makeup look before she'd allow any pics in hospital. I was all, 'fool! You're about to sweat! There's some dew for ya!' and we collapsed laughing.

  4. Oh I'm going to have to try this brand!! And I'm with you on the ey rash girl. hahahaha

  5. what you got picked?? that is so awesome. lucky you!! glad to know it washes off easy. i hate when my mascara ends up under my eyelids in the morning after i thought i took it all off the night before with make-up remover

  6. Sounds like an amazing product! I'd love to try it. P.S. That Kim K. comment cracked me up! xo style,s he wrote

  7. i love what you said about how the lash genius will give us the opposite of kim kardashian's eyelashes -- so true! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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