Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Money Pit Series: our kitchen makeover...Pt. 3

Today is "Reveal Day"! I know it's been a long series but it's important to see the before and after's to appreciate the full transition. And boy, what a transition! We were out of house two weeks and the entire process took three weeks to complete. Of course, we have stories ranging from appliances missing-in-action to missing knobs but in the end...these are very minimal in the span of such a big project. 
New stove top and hood. This thing can bust out a quesadilla quicker than you can say "arriba"!

Butler pantry in tip-top shape...and yes, husband's wine fridge was the first of our appliances to be plugged in. Ironic? I think not. We went days without a fridge, people.

My new cast iron sink which I may or may not have a crush on. The color is called "dune" and it's a grayish, white. So pretty and it's deep. I can clean highchair trays, pots...shoot, I could clean Olivia in there!

My new West Elm chandelier that I also heart very much. Speaking of hearts...I am completely over the moon about the paint color we chose. "Healing Aloe" by Benjamin Moore. It's their Aura line which is non-toxic and dries in 30 minutes. It's a light, bright mint hue.

Notice anything else different? I will give you a more "Three's Company" banister/spindles separating the kitchen from the family room.

 Paned cabinet windows and a shiny new dishwasher.

Now that is a fridge! With milk smudges on it...lovely. One thing I love about the kitchen is the level of detail from the molding to the polished nickel hardware. We chose a white, shaker cabinet because it was clean and could be kept contemporary without trying too hard. Everything was custom which was a tedious job but the end result far exceeded our expectations.

The big picture - voila! We removed the 80's light fixtures and replaced them with can lights and under mount cabinet lighting for the evenings.

Thanks so much for all your feedback and comments. Next up - a kitchen table! This will be a fun series to continue as we remodel and start new projects in years to come!

Contractors: OC Ventures Inc.
Cabinetry: Pace Kitchens
Paint: Benjamin Moore "Healing Aloe"
Appliances: Thermador
Light Fixture: West Elm
Kitchen Chairs: West Elm
Counters: "Moonlight" Quartzite
Kitchen Faucet: Kohler
Kitchen Sink: Kohler
Hardware: Amerock


  1. LOVE!! There is nothing better than a crisp white kitchen with lots of natural light. I would die for that stove... Congrats on a successful reno!!

  2. WOW...dear God, this is stunning!!!! Looks as if you pulled the pics from a magazine, I swear. I am SO happy for u, guys!!!! Cheers!!!!!! XOXO

  3. Your new kitchen is amazing!! I'm completely loving this home series! Awesomeness!

  4. Oh, wow, the sink is beautiful. Nothing makes doing dishes better than having a great view!

  5. LOVE the makeover! All the white and stainless steel looks so fresh, and I'm totally jealous of all that cabinet space!

  6. Congrats! I love the details, especially the sink and that lattice work detail!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. OH MY GOSH IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I would live in there. And I love your comment about quesadilla's. xoxo

  8. Totally adore! Thank you for your amazing comment on my blog! It means the world to me!
    Sending you kisses and hugs.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. You guys have done an incredible job!! I've lived following along on your remodelIng adventures, the after photos are always stunning.

  10. It's so beautiful!! Absolutely adore it. Every detail is so lovely and the paint color is fabulous!

  11. WOW WOW WOW! Amazing - I love it!!!

  12. Damn, this kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! Nicely done, you guys!!

  13. Oh man I want to cook in that kitchen so bad! It looks so good. SO go ahead and invite me over, I'll cook and sing to you!

  14. I want! I want! I want! This is pretty much my dream kitchen. I'm such a fan of classic white and I'm drooling over the stove! Definitely bookmarking this for when we've saved our pennies to redo ours :-)

  15. wow...very beautiful! great job!

  16. Wowee, looks gorgeous! Love the countertops!

  17. WOW! Johanna - it looks amazing! It's a dream kitchen :)

  18. It looks sooooo amazing ~ congrats!


  19. this is beyond! looks like you have an amazing house and yard!

    xoxo navy & orange

  20. Absolutely stunning Johanna! I hope you are enjoying it!


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