Thursday, September 13, 2012

Five Fall Faves: featuring Tabitha of Defining Tabitha

Hola! I'm Tabitha from Defining Tabitha and as a new mom to a 6 week old little boy I know how important this time is for Johanna and her family to get to know little Lola!  With that said, I couldn't be more excited to be covering some of my Fall faves while Johanna is spending time with the little ones.
To me Fall is all about layers and warmth.  It seems like my favorite Fall items never really change...they just evolve.  This year that includes:

1 - Blazers with elbow patches.  Every woman needs a blazer (or 5 in their closet), but this Fall I'm absolutely obsessed with wool blazers that have elbow patches.  It's the perfect thing to keep you warm in those 50 degree days.

2 - Motorcycle boots.  Every season I stock my closet with new boots.  This season I'm in search for the perfect pair of motorcycle boots.  They're the perfect footwear that adds a little bit of edginess to any outfit.

3 - Tights.  I'm one of those people that LOVES wearing tights and I have many pairs in tons of colors.  However, the must haves in my closet are gray, navy and black - those get the most use and are so versatile.

4 - Dark polishes.  I'm a sucker for dark polishes - especially the gray ones.  This season I'm in love with OPI's Nein Nein OK Fine from their Germany collection.  In fact I'm wearing it now as I type - can't go wrong with this neutral color.

5 - Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Fall weather isn't complete without a warm drink in hand.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes are my favorite Fall drink and I thank the wonderful staff at my local Starbucks for making mine perfect every morning!
Five Fall Faves
Thanks to Johanna for letting me share my faves with you and I sure do hope that you'll stop by my blog

Tabitha - I like your style! I am completely enamoured of that blazer with the patches. Let's hang with the littles soon over a pumpkin spice latte!


  1. thanks for introducing us to this new blog! I love all her picks especially those motorcycle boots, and of course pumpkin spice lattes!

  2. love the blazer with elbow patches!

  3. i really like the grey nail color! I want to try it out but i dunno how it will look on me!

  4. i really love the look of blazers with elbow patches! i need to get one! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  5. I agree with T on the tights! And I thought I was the only person who actually loves tights!

  6. Oooo, I can't wait until temps drop a little lower so I bring those tights back into the rotation! Yay for Fall.


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