Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration: How to layer like a pro!

Images courtesy Pinterest
I think it goes without saying that mastering the art of layering is a lot harder than it looks. Proportion is more important than ever and try as I might...I still struggle with it. I'm using these images as a reference this season. That and the following guidelines...

Rules of layering:
- Opt for three layers - a tee or silk followed by a knit followed by leather, fur or tweed.

- Know your proportions. Boxy on top means fitted on the bottom and vice versa.

- Keep your layers thin and streamlined. Save your bulkier clothing for top layers otherwise you'll appear lumpy. Not so flattering.

- This season: layer with TWEED. It's back in a big way. Pair it with sequins and you deserve an A+.

How do you layer?


  1. Great inspiration and tips. I want to recreate the tweed and sequin look.

  2. The Olsen's and Olivia are seriously the queens of Layering!! Great post!!


  3. Love this ~ you looked very chic-ly layered last Friday ~ A+ in my book :)

  4. great layers tutorial! Im always looking for new ideas in that way!

  5. Love all of these looks! Great post, dear!

  6. proportions is definitely something i have trouble with... this is actually so helpful. thanks, johanna!

  7. great layer inspiration pics!


  8. I love layering! Olivia's look is perfect :)

  9. Great tips, darling! Love layers. My main concern is not to look too bulky, which is not only unflattering but also uncomfortable! XOXO

  10. Fabulous suggestions! I need a tweed blazer pronto. Happy to discover a fellow Chicago blogger!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  11. mmmm, I love this time of year for exactly this reason - fur and tweed ftw!

  12. I love dressing up in layers... The possibilities are endless!

  13. Ashamed to say that don't layer often. When I do it's usually a silk shirt plus knit on top plus jacket or coat... x

  14. Ah, the eternal question for me. What's hilarious is that I read this today, which is coincidentally the first day I'm attempting layering. button-up and sweater is all i can handle right now. It's Texas, and it reaaaally doesn't get cold enough for 3 layers of clothes. Also, I think fit is always tough... One layer has to fit snugger than the other, but be thick enough to not show through, and don't even get me started with sleeve length. :P

    That top image is to die for, btw.


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