Friday, November 30, 2012

A new door opening

I don't do well with change. In fact, I loathe it. And while I always come around and adapt...I think change is hard for many people. I've been wrestling with some changes internally and now writing about them has somehow become cathartic. So here's what's going down...

I've worked the longest stint of my career at one company. A wonderful company with wonderful people. I cannot say that enough. But the time has come for me to move on. And that decision came with deep, introspective thought, guilt, a lot of vacillating, discussion, guilt...did I mention guilt? But I did make the decision and I did verbalize it recently to my boss. Who just so happens to be a dear friend. This is where the guilt plays out. Outside of one other time in my life; I do believe this was the hardest thing I've ever had to do as an adult. And I'm here to tell you being an adult really sucks sometimes.

After literally being sick about it for quite some time...I put my thoughts into action. And so that door has closed. And it's bittersweet. And I feel a little sad, too.

But I also know a new challenge awaits. One that will impact my family in a positive way and let's face a working mom, you're top priority is your family. I am excited and nervous and overwhelmed all at once {great diet by the way if you're looking to shed a few pounds} but I believe it is the right thing to do.

And isn't growth something that should remain a constant in your life anyway? I think it should. And this girl needs to grow some more. And learn. I'm excited to learn!

A new door opens...and I'm ready to "create" some crazy-good work.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012


I think this is just the beginning...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh my holiday wish list? So kind of you to ask...

I tend to be overzealous about my holiday wish lists. I am fully aware they are a little over the top, shall we say? But hey - I need to give my family options at various price points. I see it as pretty thoughtful, actually.

You'll notice that I am craving dressier wardrobe options. Tis true - with the baby factory being closed, I am reevaluating my wardrobe. It's time for an overhaul. The big void seems to be in work appropriate outfits. Fortunate for me, my job allows me to be casual and trendy so I can take work pieces and mix it with weekend wear allowing me to gain some major ROI.

My #1 pick? The coated J Brand jeans. I love the color. And who doesn't love denim that looks dressy?

What's on your wish list?


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get in my closet!

Holidays are here. And so is this top - it had to find a home. And I am an equal rights opportunist. Welcome sequin, mint will thrive amongst my bejeweled collection! Imma gonna wear the hell outta you. {sequin hot pants not included}

Monday, November 26, 2012

Inspiration: Pinterest dressed me!

So! I have loved this Pinterest image for many moons. As soon as I saw this image I knew I had and could replicate it. This is a girl who looks like she doesn't try to hard - you know the kind, they're just inherently chic. And there's no fancy labels or monograms. Just denim on denim with a wide leg and killer heels. I can do that...I declared to myself! And I's how I did it on a dime.

The deets:
  • denim button-down - Mossimo for Target
  • wide leg denim trousers - GAP
  • wedge heels - Marc Jacobs
  • belt - Target
  • bracelets - Stella & Dot
  • necklace - Stella & Dot
The occasion: nothing but business

Friday, November 23, 2012

Quiet moments

Sometimes there is a tiny moment in time where the house is quiet and I magically have a camera by my side. This was one of them. Thanksgiving was good, great in fact but we're tired. And full. So today we are going to take it easy and watch Charlie Brown. Maybe indulge in some leftovers.

I hope your holiday was just as great as ours...enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inspiration: a woodland tablescape

As promised here, I wanted to share my Thanksgiving tablescape. This is a big deal for me because it's the first time I break in my china, serving platters and created something out of the months I've been pinning images on Pinterest. See...all those hours you spend on there really do amount to some amazing outcomes!

Instead of the proverbial turkey and pilgrim theme...I wanted to elevate the table into something more sophisticated. I was inspired by the woodland theme that seem so big in fashion and decor. I carried it through with the runner and napkins. And let's face it, I wouldn't be a good hostess without some sort of woodland favor for my guests.

All in all, I am pleased with the outcome. It was a fun project and one that I can snag elements from to create my Christmas brunch tablescape. And the flowers...those arrived yesterday from my grandma. She is indeed the sweetest!

Tablecloth: borrowed from my mom
Runner: Target "Ramie" Natural runner
Wine glasses: Kate Spade "Library Stripe" goblet
China: Kate Spade "June Lane"
Silverware: Crate&Barrel "Halsted" flatware
Animals: Michael's toy section
Spray paint: Gold Krylon
Mercury votives: Michael's
Gold candles: Michael's
Wood slab centerpiece: World Market
Glass bowl: HomeGoods
Woodsy Potpouri: Michael's
Napkins: Target
Chocolate coins: World Market
Cardboard acorn favors: Michael's

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
I am grateful for each and every comment, reader and friend I've made through blogging.
Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I've got a stocking stuffer for you!

Even though we are trying to wrap our heads around the impending holiday tomorrow - I've got a great gift idea for you. A stocking stuffer actually. And let me tell you, it's a sure thing...I own it and there's not a day I don't utilize both sets. Truth.

You probably remember that I have a profound loyalty to Anastasia Beverly Hills. {my last post} The quality of their products far outlast my other glosses and shadows. And truth be told, I get a certain amount of pleasure whipping it out of my bag each time due to the sleek and feminine packaging. Most of the sets fit perfectly in a clutch, whoop.

I present the "Want You to Want Me" kit {$34} and the "Kisses on My List" kit {$30} which are available at Sephora! And I can already tell you my favorite colors. In the glosses - it's "Lola," natch. And in the eyeshadow palette - it's "Platform Wedge." I think this is probably my favorite set of all time given the homage to the 70's.

Happy Black Friday shopping!

*this is a sponsored post

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stop the press!

Breaking news: Johanna purchased an iPhone.

I know. How could I have gone this long without one?
The answer: I don't know.

To be honest, I'm a bit old school and used a Blackberry for my job for nearly an eternity. But, I finally pulled the trigger and I am full-on addicted.

And you know what comes with a new phone? Accessories!
Did you know Etsy has kick a** iPhone covers? Here are a few of my favorites:

Oh! Oh! And we should follow each other on Instagram, too. This is me
What's your handle? Leave it in the comments!

1. 2. 3. 4.

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Wowwwwwwww. Ohhhhhhhh."

This year's lighting festival down the Magnificent Mile was a bit different than last year. For one, we have a walker. And second, Olivia down right knew those Disney characters proclaiming many "wowwwww's" throughout the ceremony. It was equal parts funny and satisfying to see how far she'd come. And does this girl love a marching band?! Lucky for us they were in abundance between the big floats.

It even made the 1.5 hours it took to get downtown amidst Saturday traffic well worth it. The three of us treated ourselves to dinner @ Bistrot Zinc. {quite honestly my favorite french bistro in the city}

A lovely Saturday had by all despite the fact that we photo bombed our "Olivia sandwich" photo.

P.S. Lola stayed home with a sitter nursing the remainder of a cold. We love her, too!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday special-ness

It's beginning to look at lot like...the holidays over here. I've been experimenting with my Turkey Day table scape. Teaser above. And yes, I know it doesn't scream "turkey" but I'm really focusing on pieces that are part of a versatile theme for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Truthfully, I've wanted to spray paint something gold for ages so this was a fun project! Final reveal next Wednesday - whoop, whoop!

And around the web...
Joss and Main killed it this week with this collection. I want every single piece.

Oh deer!

A paleo guide to eating - I am seriously considering this.

I'm head over heels, pun intended, for these java boots. I think I prefer rough over refined. {get your head outta the gutter...ghish!}

Great use of wallpaper in this bathroom and I love the ikat chair...natch.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday hair.

The holidays are fast approaching and I'm all amped up, natch. If you think I am big on can't imagine what Christmas does to me. Since we are moved into our "adult" house, nothing excites me more than entertaining and hosting some fabulous soirees. We'll be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas Day brunch and I even threw in a blogger champagne tasting for good measure.

And as your holiday hostess, I feel the need to reassess the wardrobe, pull out the sparkle and create some holiday hair. Here are my current faves...'tis the season!

What's your go-to style for holiday parties?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another year, another Halloween.

This here is our FT walker. It's quite amusing to see her head bobbing around furniture.

A little under the weather...leftover candy seemed to do the trick.

Another year down...'til next year!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration: How to layer like a pro!

Images courtesy Pinterest
I think it goes without saying that mastering the art of layering is a lot harder than it looks. Proportion is more important than ever and try as I might...I still struggle with it. I'm using these images as a reference this season. That and the following guidelines...

Rules of layering:
- Opt for three layers - a tee or silk followed by a knit followed by leather, fur or tweed.

- Know your proportions. Boxy on top means fitted on the bottom and vice versa.

- Keep your layers thin and streamlined. Save your bulkier clothing for top layers otherwise you'll appear lumpy. Not so flattering.

- This season: layer with TWEED. It's back in a big way. Pair it with sequins and you deserve an A+.

How do you layer?

Monday, November 12, 2012


I mean...she needs it, right?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Firm buns.

Confession: I ran for 30 minutes straight this morning.
Confession: I wanted to poke my eye out 12 minutes in because my play list was so depressing.

Question: Do you guys have any sweet beats you could recommend so I can making a "running play list" and get my jiggly buns back in shape?

Mission: Get into hot dress for December wedding.


Source: via Johanna on Pinterest

Friday - I got plans for you!

I feel accomplished. I really got 'er done this week. That's a good feeling. I went on a crafting craze yesterday with the girls. We ransacked Michael's for Thanksgiving table scape ideas and frames. I framed a bunch of old photos for our hallway and I'm delighted with the outcome. And the table scape...well, you'll just have to wait for that post!

How was your week? Did it go by as fast as ours? Hope so...enjoy the weekend!

And some links I'd like to share:
- this appears to be the perfect recipe to welcome Winter.

- it's that time of year again - the Lights Festival hits next Saturday. Any bloggers wanna meet us to cheer on the characters and enjoy a toasty beverage?

- is this not the cutest striped dress for your little?

- if I had somewhere to be on NYE, this dress would be a strong contender. I love the pleating.

- I share the same house envy that Jacquelyn does. Gorgeous. That pendant lamp - hubba.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The truth about two under 2.

photo courtesy our nanny friend, Nadia
There is so much that can be said in this post however I realize that most of you have a life so I won't drone on. And if you are prone to dislike family'll want to skip this one. It's a doozy.

Becoming a mom of two has changed my life in ways I never knew it could. For example, I can now refer to my kids as "the girls" which makes my heart go pitter pat. I also have built in playmates which poses an excellent gift on those rainy days at home. I have two little humans to embark on girlie adventures - nail painting, crafts, Christmas tree decorating and so on. I will braid hair and make pig tails and make sure each of my daughters has the most scrumptious birthday treats each and every year. Again, just a few things that I am looking forward to.

It's also changed my life in ways beyond my control. The key word being "control" as anyone who knows me is aware of my type A tendencies. That's a topic for a whole other day. For example, I used to go to the bathroom with the door shut. No, no...a certain toddler has figured out door handles. I used to SLEEP. Man, I used to sleep! And when my toddler went down for her have no idea what I could get done in 15 minutes time let alone two hours!

I wouldn't change a I wouldn't. But I'll tell ya something - it's the hardest job I've ever had. By far. And instead of direct deposit; I get paid in hugs and open mouth kisses. I get paid when Olivia walks up to "Rola" and hugs her...even if it borders on a little rough. I get paid when my newborn snuggles up and sleeps for four solid hours. I suppose that's the difference between a career and making a family. One I'd gladly take.

Life at home ranges from organized chaos to mama being one step closer to insanity. These past few months have been really difficult. We've discovered that Lola has colic which makes for very long evenings and the feeling that somehow I must be doing something wrong. We know this is not the case but you feel that way. But for every challenge is a bright spot. Olivia has finally begun walking which is just about the most endearing thing you ever did see. She walks with a sense of pride and the most amazing balance. Even her falls are graceful.

I haven't been too vocal or wordy as of late because I fear losing my entire audience but lately I'm starting to believe that this blog should just evolve into what it's meant to be. I can't pretend I am a fashion blogger or the hippest, urban chick on the block but what I can promise is some hilarity, some fashion tidbits mostly revolving around cheap and chic finds and a loyal blogger who reads and responds to each and every one of your comments...on a somewhat delayed basis. And for those of you who do comment - thank you! Thanks for reading and taking the time out to say something nice. I am so grateful for the friends I've met through blogging. And if I owe you an email response...I'm sorry. I will get to it. xo

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inspiration: redo the master bedroom

This is the inspiration for our master bedroom {according to me}.
What do you think? Is it too feminine?

Husband: we don't have to purchase a pink, feather throw or pouf. Promise.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My BBQ hero.

This picture makes me smile. We had dinner one night at the Salt Lick. Ever heard of it? Me neither...until this trip. I think my husband just crossed off a number on his "Things to do before I die..." list. He is truly happy in this picture and Olivia is looking at him like he's some sort of BBQ hero. Minus the cape which I imagine would have a lot of stains on it.

Of note: this was Olivia's first foray into BBQ meats. She was a big fan of the turkey and baked beans.

Monday, November 5, 2012

'lil bit of Texas

Avocado margaritas. Brisket. Food trucks. Music. Maxi dresses. Bare feet. Backyards. Barton Springs. 

We are back from Austin and we loved it. More pics to come.

P.S. thanks for your food reco emails. We ate our weight on this trip!

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